Roxana Beraud
Founder and CEO Dermoplant

“Since childhood, I have been fascinated by plants and their virtues. My grandmother was often using plants to cure our little aches and she would explain to us how her different teas and potions will help. From her I learned about the healing virtues of plants like marigold, chamomile, mint, linden, St John’s wort and others.  In adulthood, my brother and I carried further this interest in healing. He chose the path of traditional medicine and I pursued my interest in skin care, studying what was like a second nature for me: plants. 

I already knew that, to the human body, plants represent not only daily food but also the appropriate medication to fight external and genetic agents in the struggle against premature or genetic ageing. With that in mind, I began to read about the best plant combination to be our health allies and skin youth sources. 

At the beginning I was just looking for good and effective products on the market that I could use, but, while researching the skin care world, I made a disturbing observation. Most cosmetic products on the market were produced with chemical ingredients or technologies aimed at replacing natural products. 

The purpose? To reduce the cost of the finished good without taking into consideration undesired side effects, overall toxicity to our body or coming from unethical sources. I discovered many products claiming a false “natural”, yet containing pesticides, GMOs or made with ingredients of intensive cultivation origin! Many of these questionable ingredients are now known to induce allergies, increase toxicity in the body and have other unpleasant effects on our health.

The only good natural products that I could find were either really expensive, or not accessible to the general public, or both. I decided to develop my own line of organic cosmetic products focused on natural and eco-biological active ingredients that would be available for everybody at honest prices. This is how DermoPlant was born.”

Roxana Béraud, founder and CEO of DermoPlant

What we believe in

In DermoPlant’s world, Man and Nature are one and their mutual dependence is vital for each other wellbeing. The human body is literally “born from the Earth” containing 26 elements of the 92 identified in the earth crust. Such as the Earth, the human being stems from the Universe.

DermoPlant’s mission lies on three values.

  • respect for man and the human body,
  • respect for earth and nature,
  • respect for consumption.

These three values sustain the development of DermoPlant’s products. As a business on a human scale, from our quarters in the French Alps, we are trying to carry our weight in protecting human and environmental values by encouraging a responsible consumption.

Our quality standards

Organic. Premium ingredients always.

No unnecessary ingredients

We adhere to Natrue safety and purity standard, one of the highest in the world. Using only organic ingredients from trusted suppliers, we transform best plant juices and extracts into clean beauty formulas.

We look for the most nutrient-dense fruit juices, pure cold-pressed oils, and rich, smooth butters credited with best effects on keeping human skin healthy. Always looking to what is proved by science to be good for the body to create what is healthy for the skin, we rely on Mother Earth to provide us the best bioavailable ingredients.

Organic, with ingredients of verified origin, selected by their bio-availability, not cost or convenience. We are always searching for the best juices or extracts, high in nutrients, we check the cultivation process, they way they are tested and we collaborate only with trusted sources.

Our formulas healing, non-irritating, non-sensitizing, kids and mommy-friendly and cruelty-free. Our no-allergens formulations meet the needs of all types of skin, even the most sensitive ones.

The effectiveness of our formulas is given also by the concentration. We strive to maximize the quantity of the active ingredients in all our products and we don’t use fillers like water unless it is really necessary. All our serums are formulated with fruit or plant juices so they are 100% water-free

For all our formulations we use the knowledge of dermatology to dictate the chemistry of every product that we create. Every DermoPlant line is dermatologically tested and clinically proven to achieve a specific goal: intense hydration, lifting, anti-aging or therapeutic.

We respect skin’s health as a protective organ, but we also view beauty rituals as a mean to achieve an overall sense of wellbeing. We see the daily beauty activities as rituals of self-care, with benefits for your whole wellbeing. Sometimes, using skin care products can represent an emotional outlet for relieving stress and escape from all the day’s aggressions. For a lot of us, the little 5 min of self-care in the morning and evening helps us define our mood and influence the day or evening dynamic.

The immediate effect on the skin due to high concentrations in active ingredients, the light and pleasant texture and the delicate fragrance, are all emotional convectors for a glowing, healthy skin and overall good mood.